The Civil Guard investigates a woman for defrauding a Tenerife company of more than 33,000 euros after manipulating her email

Civil Guard agents are investigating a 45-year-old woman, a resident of the municipality of Cártama, in the province of Málaga, for an alleged crime of fraud. The defendant allegedly managed to steal more than 33,000 euros through a cyber attack on an email from a company in Tenerife.

The investigation began as a result of the complaint filed by the owner of the affected company, based in the capital of Tenerife, after realizing that the company’s email account had been manipulated, since emails had been sent from it to their clients to modify the account number of the company in which the clients had to make the payments or transfers for the services rendered.

One of the clients of the injured company was the one who informed the owner of the receipt of this manipulated message, in response to the payment claim, demonstrating how the payments had been made in a timely manner, but to the new company account , the fraudulent, for a value of more than 33,000 euros.

After carrying out different tests, the agents were able to verify and corroborate what was stated by the owner of the affected company. Subsequently, the investigated withdrew the money in cash at ATMs near her area of ​​residence. The agents also managed to block 4,000 euros from the beneficiary account of the stolen money.

The proceedings initiated have been forwarded to the Investigating Court number one of Güímar.

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