The Arona City Council promises to promote the reactivation of the environment of La Centinela

The Arona City Council explains in a press release that it is going to promote, through the Historical Cultural Heritage Area, the enhancement of the surroundings of La Centinela, an enclave shared with San Miguel. For this reason, Luis García, councilor responsible for the area, held a meeting with the Island Director of Historical Heritage of the Cabildo de Tenerife, Isabel de Esteban, who discussed exclusively La Sentinel, its recovery and the projects to be carried out.

“We are talking about a very important enclave from many aspects. From a religious point of view, the Pilgrimage in honor of the Virgin of Fátima that ascends to La Centinela, which is one of the oldest in the South of Tenerife and gathers a multitude of faithful every year; From the landscape point of view, the area has a natural wealth that must be protected and conserved, but also due to its high archaeological and ethnographic value, it must be managed correctly. As a whole, the space has a great deal of vital importance from a social and cultural point of view. Touristically, we must promote the viewpoint, the Roque de Jama environment, valuing the restaurant that should be managed as a school restaurant, explained Luis García.

Reactivating La Sentinel and its entire environment is one of the great priorities of the ruling tripartite in Arona. García indicates that the management of the La Centinela-Roque de Jama environment is essential as a tourist, social, cultural and religious claim. Among the actions that were discussed to promote La Centinela, the rehabilitation of the current facilities stands out, as well as the possibility of opening a restaurant training center for future hospitality professionals and linking the origin of Valle de San Lorenzo in the area of ​​La Fountain with The Sentinel.

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