The Civil Guard participates in the rescue of a stranded sailboat on the beach of Antequera

Agents of the Civil Guard belonging to the Provincial Maritime Service of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Command have recently participated together with the Maritime Rescue patrol boat during the assistance and rescue of a sailboat that was stranded on the Antequera beach dock, on the rugged northeast coast of the island.

After receiving the alert, the agents of the Maritime Service assisted with two patrol boats, in collaboration with Maritime Rescue, in towing the stranded sailboat in its rescue and subsequent transfer to the Los Llanos Dock pier.

Taking into account the length of the trailer, as well as the proximity to the mouths of the capital’s docks, with the consequent danger to navigation, the Civil Guard patrol boats provided coverage throughout the journey to guarantee safety during navigation at all times, thus avoiding crossing with any ship or boat, highlights the Benemérita.

Once the operation was successfully and safely completed, the Civil Guard patrol boats returned to their base at the Dársena Pesquera.

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