Blanca Suárez and Pol Granch shoot a film in Tenerife that tells the story of the popular Spanish band Locomía

Since mid-June, Tenerife has been hosting the filming of the Spanish film ‘Locomia’, directed by Kike Maíllo. The filming crew will remain on the island until this weekend and will use different locations on the island as sets, such as the tourist areas of Arona and Adeje.

This audiovisual production has the services of different local companies and producers, such as Gomeralia, Aluzine, Macaronesia Films, The Boss or Canary Pictures Vehicles. In total, the team is made up of about 60 people, while the hiring of local extras amounts to about 200.

The film arrives in Tenerife after shooting began on May 18 in Barcelona and will star Jaime Lorente, Alberto Ammann, Alejandro Speitzer and Blanca Suárez, among others.

Kike Maíllo, who has already chosen Tenerife for the filming of one of his previous films (Eva, released in 2011), writes this film together with Marta Libertad, while the production corresponds to Kiko Martínez and Alberto Aranda.

The feature film takes place in Spain in the mid-eighties. A group of friends led by Xavi Font (Jaime Lorente) have just arrived in Ibiza pursuing their dream of dedicating themselves to fashion. There they are discovered by producer José Luís Gil (Alberto Ammann), a music industry magnate who is looking for new talent to launch a group. Without having any idea of ​​singing, the group began a career that took them from living as hippies in Ibiza to filling stadiums in Latin America and revolutionizing nightclubs around the world.

‘Locomia’ is a Nadie es Perfecto production in co-production with La chica de la curva and SBD Films, with the participation of Atresmedia, Netflix and TV3. Its distribution in theaters will come from DeAPlaneta.

Tenerife hosted a total of 122 filming last year that generated more than 9,600 jobs (12 percent more than in 2021) and an expense on the island by the production companies of 101 million euros. Spain was the main territory of origin of these productions, with a total of 43.

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