Ana Orán, candidate from Nueva Canarias to Congress for the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Nueva Canarias has presented this Monday before the Central Electoral Board the lists with which it will contest the next general elections on July 23. They are made up of two women in their initial positions and have representation from all the local committees on the island.

Ana Orán will head the list to the Congress of Deputies for the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, while Odalys Padrón will do so with the candidacy for the Senate for the island of Tenerife together with Pedro Jonay Díaz. The political formation is committed to two women “to defend the rights of the western province in Madrid”.

Orán highlighted that behind his candidacy for Congress “there is a large group of affiliates, supporters and voters who are committed to a Canarian party to raise the voice of the Archipelago in Madrid fighting for each and every one of the rights that correspond to us”.

“It is not about electing the president of the state government and that he is from one party or another. Here the Canary Islands are playing to choose the people who are going to represent them in Madrid to improve what has been achieved. We are going to raise our voices so that they listen to us so that they understand that distance does not mean that we have to be prostrate in oblivion”.

Ana Orán indicated that the people who support Nueva Canarias “are those who are committed to progress and not to regression. We go to these elections with all the enthusiasm so that the voice of the Canarian movement is heard loud and clear in Congress”.

The rest of the Nueva Canarias Tenerife candidacy for the Congress of Deputies is made up of Jorge Alayón, Omaira Medina, Miguel López, María Isabel Rodríguez, Juan Daniel Fajardo and María Adela García.

Odalys Padrón, for her part, stated that in the upcoming elections “the most important thing is not Pedro Sánchez or Alberto Núñez Feijóo” because “this is not a battle between the left and the right”, but rather “it is decided whether the Canary Islands will have a voice in Madrid or you will lose your acquired rights”.

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