José Manuel Bermúdez (Canarian Coalition), proclaimed mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife with the support of the Popular Party

José Manuel Bermúdez, Canarian Coalition, has been proclaimed mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife again with nine votes from his party and five from the Popular Party (PP).

The pact in Santa Cruz de Tenerife: like a third-class burial

The pact in Santa Cruz de Tenerife: like a third-class burial


After receiving the baton, Bermúdez said that the municipal government that has been formed fulfills a mandate from the citizens expressed “unequivocally” at the polls, a statement with which the PSOE candidate, Patricia Hernández, has disagreed, since that his formation achieved ten councilors and was the most voted on May 28. The Socialists will share the opposition with Vox, which for the first time has obtained representation with three councillors.

With the CC-PP agreement to govern during the next term, the pact that these two parties reached in July 2020 is renewed, when they seized the Mayor’s Office from Patricia Hernández with a motion of censure that made possible the fugitive councilor Evelyn Alonso, who has passed from being in Ciudadanos to appearing as an independent in Coalición Canaria.

The reading of the votes to choose who will be in charge of the Mayor’s Office was accompanied at times by applause from followers and relatives of José Manuel Bermúdez and Patricia Hernández; After the inauguration and the proclamation, the spokespersons spoke, in order from lowest to highest representation, ending with the mayor.

Carlos Tarife, of the PP, has recognized that the main challenge is to ensure that politics is once again important for citizens, since he has recalled that abstention is around 43%. In reference to the doctrine that the leader of his party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has defendedhas commented that if you want the most voted list to govern, you have to change the national legislation.

During her turn to speak, the socialist Patricia Hernández has congratulated José Manuel Bermúdez for achieving what the polls and the street “denied” him, reminding him that his candidacy received more support and emphasizing that in July 2020 the motion of no confidence that CC and PP presented to him was justified, at that time, in that the PSOE did not have citizen support.

Hernández pointed out that on May 28 his candidacy received 15,472 more votes than in 2019, while Bermúdez’s has fallen by about 6,000; In this sense, he has also criticized the PP spokesman, Carlos Tarife, for renouncing his electoral program.

In his opinion, the municipal government agreement lacks substance and leaves out the promises that were made during the electoral campaign. Thus, he asked if the effectiveness of CC and PP in charge of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council during the last three years is the reason why European funds have to be returned.

Next, José Manuel Bermúdez defended that in July 2020 a group of councilors stepped forward because there was instability and misgovernment, and affirmed that many advances have been made.

The mayor has thanked the predisposition of the PP to shape the mandate of the polls for and continue with the process of institutional stability, as well as with the claim to other administrations so that the capital of Tenerife has a fair treatment, criticizing the treatment he has received both from the Cabildo de Tenerife and from the regional and central governments.

José Manuel Bermúdez has commented that in a plenary session of the constitution he would not go down into the “mud” to respond to some “expletives”, and has opted for measures such as taking advantage of European funds to promote a more sustainable city, as well as developing the general plan and the Toscal’s plan to recover one of the most emblematic neighborhoods.

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