The Albazul collective exhibits in the Círculo ‘7 Acuarela Contemporary Classic’

The Albazul collective exhibits in the Círculo de Amistad XII de Enero the exhibition entitled ‘7 Acuarela Contemporary Classic’. The inauguration of the same will take place this Friday, June 16, at 8:00 p.m. The presentation will be given by Joaquín Castro San Luis, journalist and member of the National Association of Art Critics. The exhibition can be visited at the company’s headquarters on Calle Ruiz de Padrón in Santa Cruz, from Monday to Sunday, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., until June 30.

Jordi Isern returns to the Círculo with the exhibition '30 years painting the soul of landscapes'

Jordi Isern returns to the Círculo with the exhibition ’30 years painting the soul of landscapes’


The Albazul collective is made up of Conrado Díaz, De Miguel, Franc Tortosa, Joaquín Fernández Cara, Juan Clemente Quintero, María Luisa Hodgson and Roberto Batista.

According to the basic Canary Islands dictionary, Albazul is the piece of wood placed, side by side, on top of the leito -triangular cover at the stern or bow of boats and other small fishing vessels that work close to the coast- to prevent the water gets inside the boat.

The Albazul collective takes the term because it defines them in their desire to navigate agile and safe, protecting themselves from everything that could slow down their path from outside. Albazul protects them.

Roberto Batista, one of its members, explains that “we made our debut in the Circle. We formed the collective a few months ago. We are united by the fact that we are painters who handle watercolor among their techniques. The initial purpose was to prepare a group exhibition, but then we matured the idea that the group could have a longer journey in time.

In the Recreo exhibition, each author contributes half a dozen works. There will be a variety of formats and themes, with a preponderance of the landscape. “In any case, the viewer will see different approaches. Some of us have a look at the urban world. In my case, I reflect on that based on environments in Santa Cruz”, Batista specifies.

Batista himself speaks with enthusiasm not only about this exhibition, but also about the path together that the members of the collective can forge in the future. “We are starting to get to know each other,” he admits.

One of the elements that distinguishes this exhibition is undoubtedly the care that has been taken in the preparation of the catalogue, with a very elaborate layout and design.

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