A team from the Canary Islands Emergency Service attends a birth in a house in La Laguna

The medical team of an ambulance from the Canary Islands Emergency Service (SUC) has assisted a delivery at a home in La Laguna, in Tenerife. The event occurred on the morning of this Monday at 9:30 a.m. on Dr. Jaime Ramos Ramos street in the aforementioned municipality.

The Emergency and Security Coordination Center (CECOES) 1-1-2 of the Government of the Canary Islands received an alert requesting health care for a woman with a full-term pregnancy who was experiencing contractions. 1-1-2 immediately activated the necessary emergency resources. The SUC medicalized ambulance personnel found that labor had already begun, so they prepared the room to attend the imminent delivery.

The woman gave birth attended at all times by the medical team and, once both the mother and the newborn, a child, who were in good condition, were stabilized, they prepared their transfer by ambulance to the University Hospital of the Canary Islands.

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