CC and PP sign the agreement for José Manuel Bermúdez to be the mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The Canary Islands Coalition (CC) and the Popular Party (PP) have signed this Saturday the agreement to govern the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council that will once again make José Manuel Bermúdez the mayor of the island capital and the popular Carlos Tarife, the First Deputy Mayor.

The PP does not rule out the PSOE to form governments in Tenerife and denies a "trading cards" with DC

The PP does not rule out the PSOE to form governments in Tenerife and denies an “exchange of trading cards” with CC


The signing of the pact supposes the continuity of the agreement signed on June 26, 2020 by nationalists and popular, after the presentation of a motion of censure to the socialist Patricia Hernández, that despite winning these last elections, has not been able to form a majority in the Consistory. The results of 28-M granted ten councilors to the PSOEnine to CC, five to PP and three to Vox.

After what let himself be glimpsed that Bermúdez could attend the next general elections as head of the list of the Canary Islands Coalition to Congress, the agreement between CC and PP expressly states that, in the event that “for any reason” the resignation or resignation of the mayor Bermúdez occurs During the mandate, the pact monitoring commission will be convened to “review” the agreements sealed “according to these new circumstances.”

The PP candidate for mayor, Carlos Tarife, had set as a condition to support the pact that they would support the investiture of Bermúdez and not another member of the CC group. In this sense, Bermúdez has indicated that unless “something that exceeds my plans, personal issues” arises, he will remain in the Santa Cruz mayor’s office, and if these extraordinary circumstances occur, the pact monitoring commission will meet to take “opportune decisions”.

Tarife has revealed that the pact was agreed upon after three meetings of the CC and PP negotiating commissions were held and he assured that on the part of the PSOE there was no “dialogue offer”, despite the fact that his party had given him “freedom” to meet with the team of socialist Patricia Hernández. Although he has maintained that he “did not want to agree with the left,” he added that if his party had asked him to, he would have complied.

He has also defended that the agreement closed with CC is “solid” and seeks to make the city “more dynamic and provide more opportunities to create employment”, having as axes the approval of a new general plan, ending the discharge of fecal water into the sea ​​and achieve “finally” a blue flag for the coast, as well as making an effort for “those who need it most”.

Finally, he has hoped that in the next term there will be greater “complicity” on the part of the rest of the administrations with the “unfinished business” of the city.

For his part, José Manuel Bermúdez has proclaimed that “this pact does not end here”, but he hopes that “it will have a projection” between CC and PP in the Government of the Canary Islands and the Cabildo de Tenerife, because the intention, he has said, is ” recover the investment that was denied to us” by the socialist governments in those other institutions. He has insisted that it is “fundamental” for Santa Cruz to “put an end to this punishment, marginalization and sectarianism” by the PSOE with the city.

Bermúdez has assured that this pact “is the best in Santa Cruz and for Santa Cruz”, since it “guarantees the stability” that, in his opinion, the CC and PP have achieved after the motion of no confidence against the socialist Patricia Hernández; and provides certainty and moderation“, at the same time that it will allow” to give a new impetus to the city“.

In addition, he has maintained both formations are committed to claiming “with loyalty and firmness the treatment that Santa Cruz deserves as the capital of the island and co-capital of the Canary Islands.”

Bermúdez has also declared himself optimistic that within four years there will be “a better Santa Cruz than we have today”, which is in turn “better than the one we collected in July 2020”, when they presented the motion of censure and recovered the mayoralty with the vote of the then Councilor for Citizens Evelyn Alonso, today in the ranks of CC.

Neither Bermúdez nor Tarife have specified who will be the councilors of the next local government, whose powers are distributed as follows:

  • Canary Islands Coalition: Presidency, Treasury and Patrimony (includes Municipal Housing); Autonomous Organization for Parties, Security and Mobility, Social Affairs, Human Resources, Youth and Education, Infrastructures, Equality and Diversity, Anaga, Southwest and Center-Ifara Districts, and the Mayor’s Offices 2, 4, 6, 8 and 9.
  • Popular Party: Environmental Sustainability and Public Services and Animal Welfare (includes Fundación Santa Cruz Sostenible); Strategic Planning, Urbanism, Economic Promotion, Tourism, Commerce and Development Society; Sports, Autonomous Organization of Culture, Salud-La Salle and Ofra-Costa Sur Districts; and Mayor’s Offices 1, 3, 5 and 7.

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