Alberto Rodríguez opens to agree on a left-wing government in La Laguna, awaiting the challenge of the PP

The elected councilor for La Laguna de Canary Green Dragon Tree Alberto Rodríguez is open to agreeing to a left-wing pact in the municipality, although he is still waiting for the challenge of the PP. Only 85 votes separate this coalition from the popular ones with 100% scrutinized, so we will have to wait for the decision of the Electoral Board after the movement of the conservative formation.

The two deputies of Drago Verdes Canarias are key to being able to reissue a left-wing pact in the consistory, where the PSOE won the elections with 10 councilors. United Yes We Can obtained two councilors and with those of the formation of Alberto Rodríguez they would reach a majority to govern.

“We are a non-sectarian force, willing to dialogue, and it will depend on whether these issues that we put on the table are met and deadlines are established. Obviously, diversifying the production model is not something that can be done in 15 days, but there are other issues that can be done in a quick period,” Alberto Rodríguez said in statements collected by Efe.

The second force in La Laguna was the Canarian Coalition (eight councillors) followed by the three from the PP. One of the news items on election night was the entry of Vox into the Canarian municipalities. In this consistory they obtain two councilors. If the PP finally achieves the councilor that Drago Verdes Canarias currently has, the right-wing pact would add up, although a determining factor would come into play: CC has repeated that Vox is a red line to agree.

When asked about the entry of Vox into the Canary Islands and the fall in representation of United Sí Podemos, the leader of Drago indicated that the advance “of the right and the extreme right has to do with the fact that people do not like that they lie to you” and that “the promises that are put on the table are broken”.

In a press conference, this Thursday Rodríguez has indicated that he will facilitate a progress pact if they give the numbers because with the right it would not be possible to apply many of the measures that are included in their program, such as declaring La Laguna a zone of tension (based on the new Housing Law) or advances in Social Services and Education.

In statements collected by Europa Press, he has also made reference to the general elections and has indicated that he is open to coming together in a large left-wing bloc for the next General Elections, but only “if Canarian obedience is respected.”

He has also commented that “it is important that there are Canarian voices in Congress” that defend a “change in the production model”, more sustainability and social justice and that they understand that “with the riches” of the archipelago “you can live better”.

He insists on the importance that “decisions are made here and debates and proposals are made from here”, and that the Canary Islands have the “ability to decide on votes and resources”. “If that is respected, we are willing to talk, although the margin is very short, we will see what happens”, he remarked.

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