The PSOE boasts of having won in four of the five districts of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The PSOE of Santa Cruz has obtained a “historic victory” in the municipal elections of Santa Cruz de Tenerife held last Sunday. The PSOE has managed to prevail in four of the five electoral districts, “consolidating its leadership in the city’s neighborhoods and improving its results in all census districts.” This is how the party has valued this Wednesday the results harvested in the capital of Tenerife by the candidacy of Patricia Hernández for mayor of the city.

The results reflect “the best result of the PSOE in 44 years of democracy”, a result “protected by the consolidation of leadership” in the main neighborhoods of the city, where it confirms its dominance after the growth experienced in 2019. It is about, indicates the party, of the best results of the PSOE in all these districts in democracy and also in the Centro district, where it also improves results.

The PSOE also points out that Santa Cruz is one of the few provincial capitals in which the party increases the number of councilors and votes and breaks the trend in Spain as a whole of losing electoral support, “fruit of the work carried out by chicharrero socialism ”.

Patricia Hernández’s candidacy obtained 27,105 votes compared to the option headed by José Manuel Bermúdez (CC), which obtained 25,992, and the 14,527 of candidate Carlos Tarife (PP). Specifically, the party achieved victory in the districts of Salud-La Salle, Ofra-Costa Sur, Suroeste and Anaga and grew in the Centro district. Some results that support the work carried out during the year of the government of Patricia Hernández and the three opposition members after the motion of no confidence.

The Ofra-Costa Sur district has been one of the main strongholds of the PSOE in these elections, where it has achieved a “resounding” victory. The socialist formation obtained the support of 5,140 voters, compared to nearly 4,100 for the Canary Islands Coalition and 1,434 for the Popular Party. This is an increase of the PSOE by half a thousand votes since 2019 and that doubles its results compared to 2015, when it collected 2,231 votes.

The Salud-La Salle district is where the PSOE has obtained the most votes and has been key in its victory. With more than 8,300 votes, he distanced himself from CC, which obtained close to 7,500, and PP, with 4,700. The PSOE improves by almost 1,000 votes compared to 2019 and more than doubles the 3,851 votes it obtained in 2015.

The Southwest district also supported Patricia Hernández as mayoress with more than 6,500 votes, 500 more than the CC, close to 6,000, and a wide distance from the PP, with 2,400. This is an increase of 1,500 votes compared to 2019 and a multiplication of the results of 2015, when she obtained 2,827.

Likewise, in the Anaga district, the PSOE recovers one of its historical electoral strongholds. With 2,257 votes, the formation returns, after 20 years, to exceed 50% in most census sections and distances itself from CC, 1,609, and PP, with 447.

In addition to the victories in these four districts, the PSOE has experienced significant growth in the Centro district, where it has obtained greater citizen support since 2007. 4,800 votes, which is 600 more than in 2019 and more than double since 2011, when it obtained 2,068 .

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