A single vote gives victory to the PSOE in the Tegueste City Council

The Tegueste City Council, in Tenerife, decided on Sunday night by a single vote in favor of the PSOE, with the list headed by the current mayoress, Ana Mena, who obtained 1,873 votes and six councilors, the same as CC, which remained in 1872 by the hand of Juan Norberto Padilla.

28M elections in the Canary Islands: the map of the results of the regional elections, by islands and municipalities


“This case is interesting because of the importance of the value of a vote,” Mena points out to Europa Press, who points out that although the victory has been very tight since they had more than 40% of the vote, it was already seen that the trend was for the Socialists won the elections.

Mena has valued the good result of his training because votes have risen “at all tables” although he remains bitter at not having obtained the seventh mayor, which would have given them more room to close deals.

Along these lines, he assumes that “you have to start moving” to guarantee the governance of the municipality because a “complicated period” is opening since there is room for agreements on the left and on the right with the participation of Unidas Sí Podemos, Ahora Tegueste-NC, PP and R&D Tegueste.

Other close elections have been those of the Cabildo de El Hierro where the Agrupación Herreña de Independientes (AHI) has won the elections with four councilors and 1,574 votes, only 21 more than the PSOE list, which remained at three councilors.

Both plates have been led by the Armas brothers, Javier and Alpidio, respectively, who could be understood to close a governance agreement, although the most likely option is that a possible motion of censure between PSOE, the Herreña Assembly and IUC-Meet once will prosper. be invested Javier Armas

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