The Arona court investigating the alleged purchase of votes rejects the precautionary measures requested by the complainants

The judicial authority in charge of Arona Duty Court number two has taken a statement from the three representatives of the political parties, CC, PP and Más por Arona, who filed a complaint with the National Police for an alleged case of electoral crime in the southern municipality of Tenerife.

The PSOE accuses CC, PP and Más Por Arona of promoting "a desperate and dirty campaign" after denouncing vote buying

The PSOE asks CC, PP and Más por Arona to rectify after denouncing an alleged purchase of votes: “It is a desperate and dirty campaign”


After listening to their testimonies and, in consensus with the representation of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, it has decided that, for now, no precautionary measure is going to be taken. He also does not consider it necessary to obtain a statement from any person under investigation.

The three parties in question filed a complaint that contained a screenshot based on a conversation in a private WhatsApp group for sports activities, which includes a trusted position of the socialist mayor, José Julián Mena.

After what happened, the socialists they lamented “the desperate and dirty campaign” of the opposition and demanded a correction to the complainants. They added that this pre-electoral period has been characterized by “insults, false news, harassment of candidates by extreme right-wing media and accusations against relatives of party leaders”, all of this in view of “poor electoral forecasts” for the opposition.

The Socialist Party of Arona has demanded this Friday a public apology from the three political parties after accusing this accusation based on the screenshot of a group chat in which two friends have a conversation and one of them, according to what they say, would be the “seller” of your vote.

The party has indicated in a statement that said person, Diego Darias Dos Santos, has published a post on his Facebook account in which he explains that there has been no sale of votes, that he was having a conversation with friends in a group chat and that, in fact, it was a member of Más por Arona who distributed a “indiscriminately cut screenshot, to the point of having generated a great media frenzy and even an unsubstantiated complaint about vote buying.”

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