The PSOE councilor in Santa Cruz de Tenerife arrested for a fight is provisionally released without precautionary measures

The Investigating Court Number 3 of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, on duty, has taken a statement this Thursday from the councilor of the PSOE in Santa Cruz de Tenerife Jose Angel Martinwho was arrested on Wednesday afternoon after a fight in which a man was injured.

PSOE councilor José Ángel Martín resigns from all his positions after his arrest for an alleged assault in Tenerife

PSOE councilor José Ángel Martín resigns from all his positions after his arrest for an alleged assault in Tenerife


Judicial sources have confirmed that the investigating magistrate has agreed to release him on provisional release without any precautionary measure as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of less serious injuries. The matter has been initiated as preliminary proceedings, that is, as an investigation prior to the possible opening of a criminal case. Therefore, for the moment, a possible speedy trial is ruled out, since the victim’s injuries must be analyzed, expert evidence requested, and so on. The case can be archived or go to trial before a criminal court.

The magistrate who was on duty, Carolina Déniz, has been inhibited in the case given her past political activity, in which she was spokesperson for the Government of the Canary Islands, general director and deputy counselor. She has now assumed the proceedings of her partner from the Investigating Court No. 5.

José Ángel Martín has already resigned from all his positions, as reported by the PSOE candidate for mayor of the city, Patricia Hernández, who has stated that “in politics you have to be exemplary beyond the mitigating factors or provocations that could have happened”. The president of the Cabildo, Pedro Martín, has signed the cessation of him as adviser to the Island Corporation.

a hospitalized wounded

The first versions of the incident suggest that José Ángel Martín and other people from the Socialist Party went to visit these sports facilities and record a video of the state they are in, specifically the bathrooms, for which they asked the person in charge to open them. There they were rebuked by two people, apparently a man and his son.

One of them, according to the first versions, attacked the councilor and he reacted by pushing the older of the two, making him fall to the ground. In the fall, the man suffered a double bone fracture in one of his legs, which is why he was taken to a hospital. Another version, also unofficial, suggests that Martín pushed hard on a door and the injured man’s leg was trapped between it and the frame, causing fractures.

As they were considered seriously injured, the Police proceeded to take a statement from José Ángel Martín as a detainee. He will remain this Wednesday night in the cells awaiting clarification of what happened with the testimony of the people who may have witnessed the brawl and possible images on video or surveillance cameras.

The socialist councilor has also presented part of the injuries, but since they are considered minor, no other arrest has been made.

As indicated on Thursday morning by the Government delegate in the Canary Islands, Anselmo Pestana, Martín will go to court as soon as he gives a statement at the police station.

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