“It is a desperate and dirty campaign”

The PSOE of Arona has lamented this Thursday in a press release “the desperate and dirty campaign” of the opposition after the Canary Islands Coalition (CC), Partido Popular (PP) and Más por Arona have filed a complaint with the National Police for an alleged purchase of votes in the southern municipality.

The Socialists have demanded a rectification, the provision of real evidence, the opening of an investigation and no statements in a press release. They added that the campaign has been characterized by “insults, false news, harassment of the candidates by extreme right-wing media and accusations” against relatives of party leaders, all of this given “the poor electoral forecasts” of the opposition.

The complaint is based on a conversation in a private WhatsApp group for sports activities, which includes a trusted position of the mayor, José Julián Mena, from the PSOE, according to the PP in a statement.

The complaint is accompanied by a screenshot with a conversation that the complainants have sent to the Police in case there could be an alleged purchase of votes.

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