Three people arrested for introducing animal species into Tenerife for Santeria rites

Three people have been arrested in Tenerife as alleged perpetrators of crimes of smuggling and crimes against flora and fauna after allegedly introducing animals of protected species to the island that were used to perform Santeria rituals, as reported by the Police on Monday. National.

The action has been carried out by agents of the National Police and Customs Surveillance officials of the Tax Agency. The investigation began in 2021 when it became known that in two establishments in Tenerife, one in Arona and the other in La Laguna, animals of protected species and their remains were sold for use in Santeria rites.

Most of these animals were introduced into the suitcases of different passengers, evading customs parcel controls.

Among the products they offered were bats, birds of Cuban origin, dog, wolf, monkey, cobra or crocodile heads, as well as elephant ivory, tiger fangs, gorilla teeth or African toads.

After a technical analysis of them, the investigation confirmed that they were included in the CITES (International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) catalogue, which confirmed the researchers’ hypotheses and the alleged authorship of the crimes by the managers of the establishments.

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