Nueva Canarias proposes the southern train and the use of shared taxis as a solution to traffic jams in Tenerife

The southern train, shared taxis, vao bus lanes and bike lanes, and in general a thorough review of the “failed” mobility model are some of the proposals that Nueva Canarias (NC) puts on the table to solve the problem of traffic jams in Tenerife.

The NC candidates for the Presidency of the Canary Islands, Román Rodríguez, for the Cabildo de Tenerife, Valentín Correa and his number two, Janet Aguiar, and for Parliament for Tenerife, Daniel Díaz, have detailed the mobility plan that the party has devised for the island and have criticized the management of CC and PSOE in this matter.

They believe that what has prevailed to date is improvisation, “building the house from the roof”, has slipped Daniel Díaz, at the time mayor of Tacoronte and one of the most critical voices with the project of the third rail of the TF- 5.

And that is why the NC candidates are committed to promoting a mobility plan with the participation of all the agents involved, in contrast to other promises launched in the campaign, such as that of Rosa Dávila, aspiring to preside over the Cabildo de Tenerife for CC, who proposes five measures applicable in 90 days to alleviate traffic jams.

“It is believed that people do not find out anything”, criticized Román Rodríguez, who has stressed that this problem “will not change in four years”, and has warned that if people continue to vote for CC and PSOE “it will be repeated the history”.

Valentín Correa has stressed that the Cabildo de Tenerife announced four years ago the development of the Sustainable Mobility Plan “and we are still waiting”, and while infrastructure such as new sections of the island ring road or the third lane of the TF-5 continue to be announced .

He has slipped that from the College of Civil Engineers they have told him that “what they are trying to plan is nonsense”, including “roads that do not go anywhere” or actions that, after all, what they will cause will be “a transfer traffic jams” from one point to another.

Román Rodríguez has indicated in this sense that with the 400 million euros from the port of Granadilla or the 36 million from the access to the failed port of Fonsalía, the burying of the access to the port of Los Cristianos could be “directed”.

Regarding the shared taxi proposal, Daniel Díaz has emphasized that two thirds of the municipalities of Tenerife do not have competence in this matter and there is no public transport connection between the suburbs and the motorway, without which any model that is proposed “It’s going to fail.”

The mayor of Tacoronte has complained that the project for the third lane of the TF-5 “does not propose alternatives where the funnel is,” which is the metropolitan area of ​​the island, and also “conditions” the internal mobility of the municipalities of the north.

As for the southern area, Janet Aguiar has indicated that in the face of horizontal growth, what NC is proposing is an extension of the TF-1 to two heights to alleviate traffic jams between Arona and Adeje.

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