Two people arrested for selling objects stolen from parked vehicles in Tenerife over the Internet

The National Police have arrested two people, a 48-year-old man and a 38-year-old woman, as alleged perpetrators of a reception crime since they sold different objects from theft inside vehicles through the Internet.

The investigation began after the agents had information that pointed out that numerous items were being sold on a social network that probably originated from criminal activities, as reported by the National Police on Wednesday.

The proceedings carried out by the investigators allowed seven of these articles to be related to previous complaints, all of them related to robberies inside parked vehicles in the capital of Tenerife. Once sufficient evidence was gathered, the agents arrested these two people and, with the corresponding judicial authorization, proceeded to enter and search an address in the Finca la Multa neighborhood.

In the home search, the agents intervened, among other things, six televisions of different sizes, binoculars, a fishing reel, a DVD, a dataphone, a video game console, a front of a CD radio and numerous sports equipment, objects that are in process return to their rightful owners.

The detainees, after being heard in a statement at police stations, were brought before the judicial authority.

The National Police recalls that persons who have knowledge that a crime against property has been committed, even if they have not participated in its authorship, commit a reception crime, punishable by prison sentences of six months to two years, and who with profit motives help those responsible to benefit from the objects coming from it.

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