Escrivá plans to reduce the requirements for foreigners to enter the labor market

The Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations, José Luis Escrivá, has confirmed that his department is working on lowering the requirements to regularize foreigners in an irregular situation so they can join the labor market in Spain, as El País has advanced.

How Escrivá plans to introduce thousands of foreign workers into the labor market

How Escrivá plans to introduce thousands of foreign workers into the labor market


In the halls of Congress, Escrivá explained that the Ministry is working on a second-level instruction, which would be linked to the reform of the Immigration Regulations last July, to reduce the requirements for foreigners who carry in Spain two years in an irregular situation can obtain their papers in exchange for formal training.

This formula is known as arraigo by formation and was approved within the framework of the reform of the Immigration Regulation of last July. The minister has affirmed that this recipe “works well”, and in fact there are 22,000 requests from foreigners who want to train to enter the job market.

However, the minister has indicated that several associations that work with these groups say that there are currently people, especially women, who “have a hard time taking such long courses” to access the job market or do them in person “because of their reality” , as is the case of having dependent children.

At this point, Escrivá has recognized that the first instruction “was too rigid” with the requirements, for which reason they are now being considered more flexible. In this way, the idea of ​​the Ministry is to eliminate the minimum number of hours that the courses have, that these can be at a distance or that they can be combined with a job.

However, the minister’s plans have reluctance in the CCOO and UGT union organizations and also from the Ministry of Labor, as El País has advanced and negotiating sources confirm to this medium. This Wednesday, the parties are meeting to discuss this issue in a meeting that began at 11 in the morning.

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