A Vox candidate has been identified among the ultras who launched neo-Nazi chants in the Desokupa march

The manifestation of last Thursday of Desokupa served so that in the streets of the upper area of ​​Barcelona proclamations of the extreme right were heard again. The “sieg hiel” and the fascist greetings were distributed everywhere. Barcelona City Council has asked the Prosecutor’s Office against hate crimes to investigate what happened and has identified one of the alleged perpetrators of the neo-Nazi chants: Gabriel Naranjo, who occupies number 17 on the Vox electoral list in Rubí (Barcelona ).

Threats, insults and publication of personal data: Desokupa's new intimidating strategy

Threats, insults and publication of personal data: Desokupa’s new intimidating strategy


The mayoress of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, has announced the filing of the complaint in an interview in Nació Digital. “We will not allow the extreme right to come to create conflicts and establish hate speech or make fascist shouts in our streets,” Colau asserted.

The consistory argues that the ultras chants uttered during the Desokupa march against two squatted farms in the Bonanova neighborhood may constitute either a crime of incitement to hatred or an administrative offense under the new Democratic Memory Law, which prohibits “the of acts that incite a military uprising, war or dictatorship”.

In its complaint, to which elDiario.es has had access, the consistory reports that the Nazi chants, the fascist salutes and the manifestations of ideological hatred expressed by the participants of the Desokupa march against those contrary to their ideology and in particular to Mayor Colau cannot rely on freedom of expression.

The Desokupa march, details the consistory, went beyond the specific claim on the squatted farms and became an excuse for ultra collectives from the city and outside Barcelona to meet, including members of the Casuals group of neo-Nazi ideology linked in the past to FC Barcelona.

Hand in hand with the illegal eviction company, parties such as Vox or Valents tried last week to set fire to the neighborhood conflict between the squatters of the two Bonanova farms called Kubo and La Ruina. The march ended without incident thanks to the Mossos, and the conflict over the squatting is on its way to being conducted through legal channels, these are, individual petitions from the property so that a judge orders the eviction of the residents of the farms.

During the march last Thursday, the consistory’s complaint continues, “there were fascist salutations and chants of neo-Nazi ideology shouting ‘sieg heil’, by well-known members of neo-Nazi movements,” among which the consistory cites Daniel C. and Gabriel Naranjo, number 17 on the Vox electoral list in the Barcelona municipality of Rubí.

The City Council also recalls that there were also chants of “go for them” and “whore Ada Colau”, which shows “the rejection of a visible figure of the ideology that neo-Nazis reject.” All these facts are of “particular gravity”, the consistory emphasizes, since “they appeal to hatred and ideological violence against people and incite violent acts.”

With this action, the City Council becomes the first institution that transfers the neo-Nazi chants of the Desokupa march to criminal proceedings. Until now there is no evidence that the Mossos d’Esquadra have filed a complaint for a hate crime. The day before the march, the Mossos sent a review of the call to the duty court, without assessing the threatening content against Colau in the videos that Desokupa leader Daniel Esteve had recorded.

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