Yolanda Díaz defends from Rivas the management of leftist governments against a right “without a project”

Yolanda Díaz has chosen Rivas-Vaciamadrid for the only campaign event that she will do in the Madrid region, where Isabel Díaz Ayuso could govern with an absolute majority, according to the surveys. At a rally to support the mayoress of Madrid’s historic fiefdom of the left, Aida Castillejothe second vice president has defended her management at the head of the City Council and that of the national Executive to face a right in general and a PP in particular “without a project” and with the sole objective of governing against the people.

Yolanda Díaz shares an act in Alcorcón with the Podemos candidates in Madrid: "Politics has to be useful"

Yolanda Díaz shares an act in Alcorcón with the Podemos candidates in Madrid: “Politics has to be useful”


The Minister of Labor has closed the day with this act in this city after walking through the Pradera de San Isidro during the morning and briefly greeting the candidates of Podemos-IU-Alianza Verde for the community and the capital, Alejandra Jacinto and Roberto Sotomayor, and more extensively to those of Más Madrid in those squares, Mónica García and Rita Maestre. This afternoon’s rally was, however, a purely campaign act, in which Díaz warned of the danger of the right wing ruling. “It doesn’t matter who governs,” she said to request a mobilization of the progressive vote in favor of Castillejo.

Díaz has taken advantage of his Madrid stop, the only one of an extensive caravan of events for the May 28 campaign, to specifically charge against the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, whom he has accused of dismantling public health. “It is disrespectful for a president to say that she had not heard bad talk about the state of health. Enough of centers without paediatricians, of people who suffer because they do not have the health care they deserve”, he said. “It is indecent for an autonomous community to govern against those who do not think like it,” she insisted.

The second vice president has resumed the common thread of the speeches she has made since the beginning of the campaign, last Thursday in Mieres and later in Catalonia, in which she projected what would happen if this crisis had been led by a right-wing government and not by the Current coalition executive. “If the usual people, those of good people, governed, we would have a youth unemployment figure of 56%, 6.2 million unemployed, we would suffer those Fridays of pain,” she said. “You must think about what can happen on May 29 if we do not continue to govern. I am sure that we are going to continue governing here in Rivas but value what you have. “The alternatives are against the people. We are seeing a PP that lacks a project in these elections and its only policies have to do with a competition to see how many laws they are going to repeal,” she added.

“I appeal to you to take these elections seriously. It doesn’t matter who governs, they are ready for anything. We tell them that we are going to leave our skins in this campaign in the AMPAS, in the health centers, in the school canteens so that our mayoress continues to govern a project for the future, so that we can continue dreaming of a different country ”, she has claimed. . “There is hope, we have the right to be happy,” she insisted below.

Before her speech, the mayoress and candidate for the elections for the confluence of Izquierda Unida, Más Madrid and Verdes Equo defended the “resistance” of Rivas, a “Galic village” that has been fighting for decades against “the empire of the most reactionary and corrupt right”. “We have done it by making possible an oasis of equality, of public services. Houses were not given away to vulture funds, nor did the city become loot for companies to privatize public services, ”she said.

Castillejo has it in his power to revalidate his mandate and ensure that the United Left continues to govern the city, as it has done without interruption since the 1990s. With more than 90,000 inhabitants, Rivas is the largest city in the hands of the left to date. left of the PSOE and the second in the whole country after Barcelona. Currently, the IU governs thanks to the confluence with Equo and Más Madrid with which they obtained seven councilors, added to the two from Podemos, which ran separately but signed a pact for a local coalition government after those elections.

The current mayoress acceded to the position after the resignation of Pedro del Cura, to fulfill his commitment not to extend in the mayor’s office more than eight years. Yolanda Díaz had a few words of thanks for him at the event this afternoon, which the former councilor himself presented, with a message that can be read in a national code. “I remember well the day he called me Pedro and he told me that he was leaving the position, but he told me to be calm, everything is going to be fine. I want to thank Pedro for knowing how to leave, for having been an extraordinary mayor and for knowing how to make way for an extraordinary woman, ”she told him.

In the weeks leading up to the election, Rivas gained some prominence. An agreement was brewing in the city for a joint candidacy between Izquierda Unida, Más Madrid and Verdes Equo together with Podemos, to achieve a single leftist list for the 28M. The pact had the approval of all the local parties, but the regional leadership of the party headed by Ione Belarra decided back down shortly before the deadline to register the coalitions due to the refusal of Más Madrid to reach more unity pacts in other places in the region.

That embryo of total unity on the left offered Yolanda Díaz an ideal setting to campaign in Madrid without irritating any of the actors who compete with each other in the Community of Madrid and in the capital, although after the rupture of the pact she maintained her initial idea of ​​offering a rally in the city to support the IU candidate.

Diaz’s balancing game In order not to anger the main agents of the left in Madrid and in the Valencian Community, where Compromís did not want to reach a unity agreement with Podem and IU either, it has marked the design of its acts of a campaign in which the places where it will support predominate to the options of what is now known as United We Can. The only photo of the entire campaign with the Más Madrid aspirants was this morning in San Isidro, where the main party on the left was granted more minutes than the Podemos-IU-Alianza Verde candidates. The minister will hold a campaign event in the Valencian Community, specifically in Alicante, with the vice president of the Generalitat and United Podem candidate, Héctor Illueca.

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