“Basque children will not be able to study in Spanish in their own country, which is Spain”

The Basque PP has received this Sunday in Vitoria, its great stronghold in the Basque Country, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, who woke up in Logroño, traveled to Zaragoza, held a rally in Pamplona and ended up sleeping in Bilbao. The leader of the PP, with a red flag as a bracelet, wanted to send a special greeting to the leaders of his party who have governed in Vitoria and Álava and has cited Ramón Rabanera, Javier de Andrés and even Alfonso Alonso , who has returned in this campaign three years after he was separated by Pablo Casado, who imposed Carlos Iturgaiz.

Iñaki Oyarzabal, PP candidate in Álava: "To grow you have to go to the PNV.  He has established a patronage system"

Iñaki Oyarzabal, candidate of the PP in Álava: “To thrive you have to go to the PNV. It has established a patronage system”


He has made a mistake with the second surname of the former mayor of Vitoria, which is Aranegui and not Arandia, as he has said. Of course, the public has responded with an ovation. Later, he also said that “Alfonso Alonso was a better mayor than the current one”, than Gorka Urtaran of the PNV, although he has admitted not having much data. “Vitoria was on the map. Not now ”, he pointed out. Who he has not cited is another former councilor, Javier Maroto, who now has no relationship with the local PP but who is a partner of Núñez Feijóo on the Senate bench.

In addition to Núñez Feijóo, whose argument has been that “it is almost impossible to have a worse government” in Spain as if this campaign were a general one, Iturgaiz himself and the candidate in Vitoria, Ainhoa ​​Domaica, who hopes to break the forecasts, have intervened from the polls to win again in the Basque capital. Iturgaiz, who has also used Basque, has harshly attacked the PNV, for which he has blamed everything from the “Zaldibar disaster” to “plunging the hospitality industry into the pandemic” including corruption.

In addition, he has been very critical of the Education Law presented by the Government of Iñigo Urkullu. In his opinion, it is based on a “linguistic fundamentalism”. “Basque children are not going to be able to study in Spanish in their own country, which is Spain,” said the president of the Basque PP. The regulation expressly states that it will be necessary to achieve a B2 in both official languages, Spanish and Basque, at the end of the compulsory stages and a B1 in English or another foreign language.

The PP rally took place at the Europa Congress Palace in Vitoria, which in the few days of the campaign has already hosted acts of the PSE-EE or Elkarrekin. There have been hundreds of ‘popular’ militants, positions and sympathizers who have attended a format that included dinner. Domaica has said that there were “more than a thousand people from Vitoria” in attendance. They have equally waved flags of Spain, ikurriñas and banners of the PP. “In Vitoria we are doing very well”, the candidate for mayor confided.

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