One injured and 120 evicted by a fire in a temporary migrant settlement in Huelva

A total of 120 people have been evicted by a fire that has affected an area of ​​substandard housing in Palos de la Frontera (Huelva) in which emergency operations are still working, according to Emergencias 112 Andalucía.

The protocol to eradicate temporary settlements in Huelva includes "new shelters and residential solutions"

The protocol to eradicate temporary settlements in Huelva includes “new shelters and residential solutions”


Thus, as indicated in a press release, the municipal services and the Red Cross are assisting them to offer them shelter, as they have indicated that the firefighters have confirmed that one person has been slightly injured with burns on the arms and has been evacuated to the health center of the Huelva town. For its part, the Palos City Council has reported the activation of its Municipal Emergency Plan.

The event began at noon, at that time the 112 telephone received the first of more than 150 notices warning of a column of smoke that has been visible from different points on the Huelva coast. Immediately, the coordinating center activated the Fire Department, the Civil Guard, the Local Police, the Red Cross, the Health Emergency Center (CES) 061 and Infoca, since the place is located in a forest area of pine forests, scrub, and eucalyptus.

Four firefighters and a park manager with two intervention vehicles and one for personnel and cargo transport (UPC) from the San Juan del Puerto Park, three firefighters and two intervention vehicles from the park have mobilized to the place. Punta Umbría, as well as a firefighter and a mother intervention vehicle from the Almonte park.

Likewise, two firefighters who were at a prevention checkpoint at the Pilgrimage of the Virgin of Montemayor de Moguer have joined the extinction work.

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