Criticism of a “ball” by Almeida from the municipal stage of San Isidro: “Madrid is not one of vultures”

There was expectation for the concert of one of the most rebellious groups that the Madrid City Council had programmed for its Festivities of San Isidro. At 9:05 p.m., Biznaga was scheduled to take place in the San Isidro prairie, the main stage for the more than 60 musical performances proposed by Almeida’s team, and the esplanade was almost full, waiting for his guitar riffs and biting lyrics.

On the generational trench and music as a listening tool

On the generational trench and music as a listening tool: Biznaga as chroniclers of the Villa


The group unleashed a collection of songs full of social criticism on stage, with a repertoire based especially on their latest album, the acclaimed Bremen does not exist. But he saved a speech against one of the municipal projects most discussed by the people of Madrid for almost the end of his concert: the plan to convert a shopping center into hundreds of luxury apartments next to Madrid Río.

“Near here a fight is taking place on the part of a neighborhood group, in the Paseo de la Ermita del Santo, against the pitch from the Quinta del Sordo”, explained one of the members of Biznaga to the audience. “A new case of real estate speculation that will undoubtedly change the area forever, of course for the worse,” he continued to applause.

“I say this because this city is disputed every day and in each neighborhood so that it does not end up as a non-place, which is what some want. Madrid is not for vultures. Madrid belongs to us, it belongs to the people who inhabit it and who fight for it to be a habitable place. This song is for all of you ”, she concluded before starting Madrid belongs to usa theme that was chanted by the entire esplanade.

It was not the only vindictive moment beyond the songs. Shortly before, a huge banner had been unfurled in the public, protesting against the transfer of the coffin of José Antonio Primo de Rivera to the San Isidro cemetery, attached to the meadow. A decision that attracted hundreds of Falangists to the place.

“Fuera la Falange de Carabanchel”, read the banner, which was accompanied by the anti-fascist symbol and which was shown accompanied by red flares while the bars of champions of nothing.

A “ball” with great neighborhood opposition

The project that the Madrid City Council wants to approve on the Ermita del Santo is one of the most discussed urban operations of the Almeida legislature. The council tries to change the classification of the land of the La Ermita shopping center from sports to residential, quintupling the value of the landowned by Venezuelan capital.

The Urban Development area approved the project last summer and with hardly any public information, which includes building several luxury apartment towers with 25 and 28 floors, which will break the profile of the neighborhood, full of small buildings, and will be perfectly visible from the San Isidro’s own prairie.

Since the media reported on this urban operation, Numerous neighbors rose up against what they consider a “pitch” through various demonstrations. The last one took place last Wednesday, after the proclamation of the festivities in the Plaza de la Villa. This Sunday, at 1:00 p.m., they will symbolically mantle a wimp with Almeida’s face in the San Isidro meadow, next to the bust of Goya.

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