The daughters of the man accused of killing his wife in Tenerife define him as a “habitual abuser” and “a real monster”

The two daughters of the accused man of murder to its women in May 2021 in the town of Los Cristianos, in Tenerifehave referred to their father during the trial in the Provincial Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife as a “habitual abuser” and “a real monster”.

The Provincial Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife hosts from this Monday the jury trial of this man for whom the Prosecutor’s Office requests 22 years in prison and 100,000 euros in compensation for each of the two daughters of the couple after allegedly stabbing his wife .

The youngest daughter has not had a relationship with the defendant for years because “she always gave us a bad life, she always mistreated us” but she continued to maintain contact with the mother whom she always tried to convince to separate.

He remembered how he beat his wife with blunt objects for any reason, also how he locked her in the bathroom or closed the kitchen so she couldn’t eat.

“With us he was always with his fist raised, the physical attacks were constant, he hit my mother if she didn’t like the food or the clothes and she lowered her head because she was terrified of him. We told her a thousand times to report it but she never did it ”, she has affirmed.

On the contrary, it was he who on one occasion went to the police station to say that his wife did not feed him and mistreated him, and the policeman’s response was to urge him to leave the premises.

The couple was separated for three years and, according to the daughter, he left them alone and without money, he left at five in the morning but before that he destroyed his room and defecated and urinated in it. That day she left the door to the street open “so that anyone could enter the house to do whatever they wanted.”

In addition, he wrote them a letter of several pages in which he accused and insulted his wife to the point that a neighbor took her to a lawyer to see if its content could be criminal.

The salary he earned as a tuna fisherman in Galicia was spent, according to his daughter, “on alcohol and women”, so it was his wife who had to support his family among other jobs cleaning houses.

“But on top of that he followed her and when he saw her go somewhere he said that she was being unfaithful. And that’s a lie, my mother never knew another man” and she pointed out that her distrust was such that she even did a DNA test on one of her daughters to verify that she was indeed his.

On one occasion the woman got money from the sale of a house and forced her to deposit it in a joint account from which he freely withdrew it. She also recounted, for example, that once she left the house to drink coffee and he yelled from the door: “the p… is going out into the street.” In recent times, the daughters constantly called her mother because they were afraid that she would finally end her life.

The statement of the eldest was in the same sense, with the variation that she stopped talking to her mother for 21 years because she did not understand that she was enduring this situation. It was not until a few months before her death that she resumed the relationship, in which she had to see the psychological treatment that she still receives.

She indicated that the kicks, screams and blows were constant to the point that the neighbors or daughters had to call the police every day but she never wanted to report it and the agents could not do anything either because they could not enter the house.

“I remember that once he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her along the ground and always warned her not to go to the police or the hospital, that’s why she treated herself with vinegar cloths.” On one occasion she stuck a fork into him to stop him from grabbing her mother by the neck.

He relates that his wife felt “a terrible fear, she even got under the bed as soon as she heard him coming, he isolated her from her family, called them insulting them, he is a sexist, a despicable being, a true monster, a misogynist. She had to do everything in the house and if her clothes were not as she liked, she would hit her because she was there to serve him, ”she said.

The worst episode he remembers is seeing his eight-month-pregnant mother curled up in a ball while he kicked her and dragged her down the stairs.” When he met her again he saw her subjugated, nullified and told them that she was right about her when they warned her not to return to him because she was never going to change.

Even so, he says that she was “wonderful, overjoyed despite the miserable life she led. I still wonder how she smiled. She was sure that she was going to end up killing her”.

The daughter of the owner of the house where they lived in Los Cristianos remembers that she always heard the man screaming, perhaps because he was deaf, but that the day of the murder was different because she was asking for help. She looked out into the patio and saw her bloody trying to close the door, without success, and then she couldn’t keep looking when she saw how the man was carrying a knife.

He went up to the father’s house who notified the police and they were able to enter although they had to break down the door. The agents found the bloody sofa, a pair of scissors next to it, a trail of blood to the patio and the two bodies on the ground.

The reason he gave to the officers who guarded him when he was arrested is that he had killed his wife because he wanted them to die together, and because he was sure she had ear cancer. But in reality with the same knife he only injured his hands without any seriousness that only required them to be bandaged.

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