The Canarian Coalition and the PSOE maintain their tense pulse for the mayor’s office of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The mayor’s office Santa Cruz of Tenerife it is again in a handkerchief, as it happened in 2019. The candidacies of the Canary Islands Coalition (CC) and the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) are fighting for the first place, until now occupied by the nationalists with an advantage of a councilor by some 2,000 votes. This is how it appears in the estimate of Ágora Integral after a survey of 1,000 interviews carried out in the five districts of the city last April.

The PP becomes the key to governance in the Cabildo de Tenerife


Both parties move in an environment of between 9 and 11 councillors. Estimates give a range of between 10/11 for the CCC and 9/10 for the PSOE, which is experiencing greater growth in citizen support than its eternal rival. Canary Coalition would grow by about 1,500 votes, while the Socialist Party would do so by about 3,000, according to this demoscopic work.

The party that is growing the most, however, is the PP which, with an increase of more than 8,000 votes compared to 2019, would now reach between 4 and 5 councillors, one or two more than in the last elections. Carlos Tarife, his head of the list, will become decisive from May 29 for the composition of the next municipal government of the capital of Tenerife.

The coalition with which Podemos and Izquierda Unida came together in 2019 will see its representation reduced in one act by losing some 6,000 votes. It would go from 3 to 2 councilors, which will give Alberto Rodríguez’s project, Drago, serious options to enter the Consistory, which would obtain between 0 and 1 councilor with more than 4,000 votes.

The two councilors that Ciudadanos obtained in 2019 disappear as such, although the two people who held those minutes will remain within the Corporation for appearing on other lists. The defector Evelyn Alonso, who in 2020 supported a motion of no confidence to return the mayoralty to Coalición Canaria, lost after the 2019 elections, appears in sixth place on the list of that party in compliance with the agreement reached by both parties to that the skirmish would prosper. Matilde Zambudio, who has endured until the end of the mandate under the discipline of Ciudadanos, will run this year as an independent in sixth place on the list of Patricia Hernández (PSOE), with whom she was a councilor the year in which CC lost power .

Although experiencing a slight increase in votes (more than 1,000), Vox has no chance of entering the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council.

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