Another flight with conflicting passengers on board asks to shorten the approach maneuver to land in Tenerife Sur

A flight from Luton airport, near London (England), operated by the easyJet company, requested this Thursday that the approach maneuver to Tenerife South Airport be cut as much as possible due to the presence of three conflicting passengers on board.

According to the official Twitter profile of Air Traffic Controllers, following this request, the presence of security forces on the ground was coordinated to proceed to assist the crew affected by said situation.

In recent weeks there have been up to four more incidents of the same type on board flights from England to Tenerife South. Last Friday there were incidents on two flights on the same morning. On the one hand, a flight operated by TUI Airways that had left Birmingham for the Canary Island and whose landing was delayed for almost half an hour by a conflicting passenger during the route, according to what Aena sources explained to this newspaper.

Shortly after, a second flight from London, specifically from Heathrow Airport and which was due to land almost at the same time as the one operated by TUI, was also delayed for almost half an hour after seven drunken passengers caused incidents on board. The crew of that flight requested police presence on the ground.

Two days earlier, on April 26, a plane from Manchester bound for Tenerife South also requested police presence to deal with a situation in which there were two conflicting passengers. On April 22, another flight also bound for Tenerife South and from Liverpool landed with more than a dozen troublesome passengers on board, which also led the crew to request police reinforcements upon arrival. The authorities coordinated the presence of the agents to guarantee the safety of all passengers and crew.

However, sources consulted by this newspaper affirm that these are not exceptional situations, but that they are common incidents that occur in many airports and that in no case compromise the safety of the flight. These same sources deny that there is an upturn in these cases on routes to Tenerife South.

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