Arrested the alleged perpetrators of a “love theft” committed in Tenerife

The National Police have arrested two women in Bilbao accused of various “love theft” of high-end watches and who were wanted by eight courts and three police stations in different parts of Spain, one of them located in the south of Tenerife.

As reported on Tuesday by the Government Delegation in Euskadi, both are supposedly part of an itinerant group of criminals specialized in stealing Rolexes from foreign tourists.

One of his victims was a German tourist who was robbed of a watch worth more than 30,000 euros in the south of Tenerife.

The arrests occurred on April 18 and 21 when their presence was detected in the Biscayan capital. After going to court, both were released with charges pending trial.

The National Police has detailed that one of them, aged 26, has “search and capture” orders issued by two courts in Cáceres, another in Guadalajara, one in Malaga, one in Albacete and another in Astorga, in León. In addition, she also has three current inquiries of address and whereabouts by courts in Valencia.

The other 24-year-old woman has two arrest and appearance searches issued by courts in Malaga and Villarreal, in Castellón, and three police search, arrest and appearance orders by the Marbella, South Tenerife and Valencia police stations.

Both, of Romanian nationality, were wanted for crimes against property such as fraud, robbery with violence, theft, robbery with force and even injuries.

His modus operandi It consisted of the so-called “love theft”, based on approaching foreign tourists with high purchasing power and advanced age, who were preferably alone, pretending to sell flowers, read palms or any other excuse to appropriate the carelessness of their watches.

If they noticed the ruse and resisted, they did not hesitate to use violence to seize the jewels, causing them injuries of varying degrees, according to the same sources.

In this sense, the investigators are aware that a Rolex brand watch valued at more than 15,000 euros had been stolen from a citizen of Arab origin in Marbella.

In the south of Tenerife they did it with a German tourist, snatching a watch of the same brand for more than 30,000 euros, and in Valencia they stole another Rolex for 25,000 euros from an English tourist.

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