The Electoral Board orders the removal of the electoral billboards of the PSOE of La Laguna

The Zone Electoral Board has ordered the removal of the electoral billboards of the PSOE in La Laguna in which its candidate, Luis Yeray Gutiérrez, appears surrounded by personalities from the municipality under the motto Committed to La Laguna.

The letter urges that announcements of this type not be made until the electoral campaign begins in compliance with article 53 of the LOREG (Organic Law of the General Electoral Regime).

The mandate of the Electoral Board occurs as a result of a complaint from the Popular Party (PP), who was also forced to remove fences, and the Canary Islands Coalition (CC), against the PSOE and states exhaustively that “electoral propaganda cannot be disseminated or any act of electoral campaign carried out once it has legally ended”; In addition, he also recalled that “the free obtaining of media provided by public administrations will be limited to the strict period of the electoral campaign.”

The Zone Electoral Board cites article 53 of the LOREG to remark that “from the calling of the elections until the legal start of the campaign, it is prohibited to carry out electoral advertising or propaganda through posters, commercial supports or insertions in the press, radio or other digital media.

The Board understands that the billboards violate this principle and makes it clear that since the elections are called, contracts of this type cannot be made, nor can the distribution, for the purposes of electoral propaganda, of diverse material such as pins, lighters, pens or key rings, the same as exhibiting photos of candidates or posters with the name of a political formation in private homes.

“The use by the defendants of billboards in which the candidate’s photograph appears, as a presentation, including the slogan Committed to La Lagunais fully framed within the prohibitions of article 53 of the LOREG ”, concludes the resolution.

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