The National Police prevents the suicide of a young woman in Tenerife

The National Police have prevented the attempt by a 26-year-old woman of Brazilian origin to jump from an apartment in Los Cristianos with the clear intention of ending her life.

Citizen security agents observed how a woman, in an obvious state of nervousness, threw clothes and various belongings onto the public road from her house, also threatening to rush onto the road. Given these circumstances, the police intervened with the collaboration of the Canary Islands Emergency Service (SUC), as well as the presence of the Fire Department.

After cutting traffic in the affected area and given the woman’s insistent attitude of rushing, the agents, in coordination with the aforementioned services, established an operation that would secure the affected person as well as the movement of vehicles and pedestrians.

When this woman proceeded to remove the entire body through the window to rush, according to her own words, part of the police team had already entered the room with an extendable ladder, so that while the woman focused her attention on one of the the agents, the rest managed to get her away from the window thus preventing her from rushing.

Once insured and already inside the home, the health personnel proceeded to provide first medical assistance to this person who was immediately transferred to the health center, accompanying a police vehicle to the ambulance to better achieve the transfer.

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