The Civil Guard rescues two crew members from a capsized catamaran in the sea in Tenerife

Agents of the Civil Guard, belonging to the Provincial Maritime Service of Tenerife, have rescued two crew members from a catamaran capsized in the sea, near the coast of Barranco Hondo.

The agents went to the place, checking how there is a boat, a light sailing catamaran type, overturned with the sail semi-submerged in the water. The two crew members were in the water trying to raise the boat, but could not due to the large amount of water inside the sail.

Given the state of the sea and the force of the wind, the agents of the Maritime Service threw a rope at them to proceed to right the boat and its subsequent towing to the Varadero beach, the closest to the place, where they were assisted by the teams of emergencies.

The agents had the help of a Red Cross lifeguard who was providing support from a jet ski in case his intervention was necessary. One of the crew members, not having adequate horsemanship, presented symptoms of mild hypothermia.

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