A patient with an Eating Disorder claims a specialized center in the Canary Islands before the Common Deputy

The Deputy of the Common, Rafael Yanes, has met with the young woman from Tenerife Vanessa Abreu, who was on a hunger strike waiting to be transferred to a Specialized Center for Eating Disorders (TCA) in the Peninsula to recover from Anorexia that she has suffered since she was 12 years old.

Vanessa Abreu transferred to the Deputy of the Common the need for the Canary Islands to have an Internment Center that treats the TCA. She pointed out that Spain “has more than 40 internment centers to treat Eating Disorders and there are none in the Archipelago.”

The majority of those affected by eating disorders on the islands find that there are no hospitalization centers that care for these disorders, forcing them to be referred to other hospitals on the Peninsula. This situation poses problems, since it is not only important to admit and hospitalize patients with this disorder, but also to maintain their follow-up in a service or day hospital.

Vanessa Abreu assured that she has been waiting for her transfer to an ACT Unit since her first admission in 2022: “It took six admissions and a hunger strike for them to approve a transfer that I don’t even know if it will arrive.” The young woman stressed that she has no problem in resuming the hunger strike if this does not bear fruit.

The young woman filed a complaint to the Diputación del Común requesting the expediting of her transfer to an Internment Center that treats TCA in the Peninsula and, on the other hand, the creation of a center that treats these Canary disorders.

The Deputy of the Common, Rafael Yanes, promised to contact the Ministry of Health to ask if they plan to create an Internment Center to treat ACT and in what period they plan to carry it out.

The young woman from Tenerife is collecting signatures for the creation of a TCA Internment Center through the link https://www.change.org/p/unidad-para-tca-en-canarias-urgente

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