“The Island needs a policy that benefits the general interest and the defense of the territory”

Manuel Marrero, candidate for the Presidency of the Cabildo de Tenerife for the United Sí Podemos confluence, has defended another way of governing the Island “away from the politics of destruction” that has characterized the last 40 years with the different governments with the participation of the Canary Islands Coalition (CC), the PSOE and the Popular Party (PP).

“After four decades governing the same, Tenerife needs another way of doing politics for the benefit of the general interest, commitment to the public and defense of the territory,” he said in a statement.

In this sense, Marrero has pointed out that mobility problems and traffic jams on the North and South highways can be solved “if once and for all instead of consuming more territory by building tunnels and trains, we make public transport preferable.” and more effective.”

“The 50 million that have been planned to be allocated to the Motor Circuit should be dedicated to free transport, build park-and-rides near highways and a BUS/HOV lane, with reversible lanes in the morning and afternoon,” proposes Marrero.

Likewise, the United Sí Podemos candidate insists that the harmful effects of mass tourism must be ended, “both in the territory and in the well-being of our people.” “Taking care of Tenerife as a tourist destination means taking care of our territory and our cultural heritage, we must rehabilitate the hotel plant and not build more beds. We defend making a stoppage and a tourist moratorium ”, he added.

“The Ecotax that we defend would allow us to raise between 300 and 600 million that can be used to improve all the current hotel infrastructure and improve the environment,” explains Marrero. In this regard, he recalls that “tourists who visit us consume water, generate waste and rent or buy homes, thereby raising their prices and expelling residents from many areas and neighborhoods because the people who live here do not You can afford that outlay.”

“All of this leads to a worsening of people’s quality of life, and our proposals are intended to improve it,” insists the candidate for the Cabildo’s Presidency.

In this regard, he recalled that 16% of the population is already over 60 years of age “and in 15 years the aged population will be 26%”, while “in all these years those who have governed have not worried about increasing the home help, build day centers or centers for the elderly in the municipalities”. “Nothing has been planned based on these data, and we will take the necessary steps to reverse that situation,” she concluded.

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