Fishermen from Tenerife denounce the “danger” and the consequences of offshore wind energy on wildlife and the environment

The president of the Provincial Federation of Fishermen’s Associations of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Víctor Juan Díaz, denounced this Friday the “danger” of installing offshore wind energy polygons on the continental shelf of the Tenerife coast because they could do “irreparable” damage. .

Víctor Díaz, who has been accompanied by an affected brother, Francisco García, a member of the brotherhood of San Miguel de Tajao (Arico), has said that the measure of the regional government, which “stipulates to occupy 75,000 meters of the coast,” will seriously affect the sector, as well as the marine fauna and birds that live in the environment”.

“We have found out from the press, they have not asked us for our opinion,” said the president of the Fishermen’s Association of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

“The useful life of these materials is less than the amortization period” and, since the Canary Islands are a volcanic territory, “to put up a single mill, the fund will have to be dynamited to put 15 chains that will never be collected.”

Víctor Díaz has assured that one of the consequences of this project on the sector will be “the delimitation of navigation in the area”, which will imply that “all small boats have to maneuver to avoid this polygon”, something that “endangers the life of sailors and the crews of ships”.

For the northern area of ​​the port of Tajao, Puertos Canarios “plans to anchor 5 mills in an area where, in addition to being shallow, there are sebadales and angelsharks”, a marine ecosystem that the sector “has preserved and will make them disappear”, said the president of the Brotherhood of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

In addition to the chains and the infrastructure of the mill, a cable will be installed on the seabed, which will generate a magnetic field, a fact that for Víctor Díaz, “will pose a danger to the species, especially for the king crab, which will lose its capacity to mate and even disappear.

The member of the San Miguel de Tajao brotherhood, Francisco Javier García, has expressed his concern for a sector that is already making an “overexertion in view of the tuna quota imposed by the Government of Spain which, now, will also be affected by the fishing of the merzal”, given that the offshore wind farm estate “excludes the continental shelf sector”.

“The people of Tajao live 100% from fishing. If they make it difficult for us to work, it would not even make sense for marine restoration tourism in the area”, declared Francisco Javier García.

Moisés Pires, the maritime industry advisor linked to the complaint, explained that “any interaction with the marine environment will always create an environmental impact”, which “does not mean that we are against alternative energies, but that Tenerife is difficult to extrapolate this type of energy”

“We are not talking about the Baltic Sea, where there are areas with little traffic and life,” said the adviser, who believes that “it is outrageous to place all those mills in such a small space.”

The group has spoken with the political leaders of the fishing sector and, on April 15, they will hold a rally in front of the insular port authority.

This Friday, at 6:00 p.m., the Tajao Fishermen’s Association will meet with the Minister of Ecological Transition, Antonio Valbuena, and the mayoress of Arico, Olivia Delgado, to “be able to raise the problems we have.”

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