The Tenerife construction employer praises the urban management of the La Laguna City Council

The City Council of La Laguna will continue to promote the improvement of training in the construction sector, together with the Provincial Federation of Construction Entities of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Fepeco), as a basis for job creation in the municipality, in addition to continue implementing measures to reduce processing times for building permits.

The mayor of La Laguna, Luis Yeray Gutiérrez, reaffirmed “the Corporation’s commitment to the construction sector” during the training session Building Employment, held this week in the old convent of Santo Domingo. “Training is one of the key pillars to have qualified workers who find facilities to access the job market, and we are going to continue promoting with Fepeco all kinds of actions that contribute to improving that qualification”, he said.

“At the same time,” said the mayor, “we want to continue making La Laguna the best place in the Canary Islands to invest, and for this we will continue to implement measures that further improve the data presented this week by the Town Planning councilor and director of the Urbanism Management, Santiago Pérez”. According to these data, in the last four years the processing of major work license files in the municipality has gone from 419 days on average to 68 days, while the processing of minor work licenses has been reduced from 190 to 94 days. .

“We want to thank the mayor for his interest in promoting construction activity,” said the president of Fepeco, Óscar Izquierdo, “especially in the areas of reform, rehabilitation, maintenance and conservation, which is precisely what the Union is asking for. Union in accordance with the Green Agenda that has been implemented throughout the European territory”.

The president of Fepeco highlighted the role of La Laguna in the field of training, both for hosting the classroom of the Fundación Laboral de la Construcción and “because there are many courses and conferences that we are celebrating in this city, mainly with the collaboration of the mayor, who is very involved in the training of municipal workers, so that they can join SMEs and micro-enterprises, or as self-employed, taking advantage of the fact that there is currently quite an expansive activity in La Laguna”.

Óscar Izquierdo also underlined “the efficiency that the Town Planning Department is showing when it comes to granting licenses for major works in a timely manner, something essential for the survival of companies. In the first place, because it allows them to start the execution of works at the opportune moment; secondly, because they adequately meet the demands of their customers; and third, because companies are given greater legal certainty and greater confidence when investing”.

“This means that La Laguna has decidedly committed to the construction sector, a modern, industrialized, efficient and sustainable sector, as a structural base to maintain an important economic activity together with other traditional sectors such as commerce or cultural tourism. , which has a lot of roots in the city”, he assured.

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