The Cabildo de Tenerife starts a pilot project to promote access to employment among the Roma population

He Council of Tenerifethrough the area of ​​Employment, Socioeconomic Development and External Action, has presented a pilot project to favor the employability of the Gypsy town on the island and promote their labor inclusion in society for a long time.

The program, called Elfwas presented these days by the insular councilor of the area, Carmen Luz Baso, and the CEO of Citizen Participation and Diversity, Nauzet Gugliotta, to the groups that make up the Insular Group of the Gypsy People, which has a specific work commission aimed at promote training and employment in the Roma community.

In the next few days, the first actions can be carried out experimentally within the framework of the program Neighborhoods for Employment: Stronger Together managed by the Insular Canary Islands Foundation for Training, Employment and Business Development (Fifede).

Carmen Luz Baso indicated that “this project arises from the need to reduce the high levels of unemployment that affect the Roma people, taking advantage of the resources of Barrios por el Empleo to respond to the specific needs of this community and promote their training and qualification professional, through specialized information, guidance and support services”, he explained.

For his part, the CEO of Citizen Participation and Diversity, Nauzet Gugliotta, explained that the start of this service “intends to cover one of the demands that the Roma groups attached to the Island Roundtable have brought to us. Training and job search are two of their main needs, which is why we have set up a specific commission to deal with both issues within the Island Roundtable, to promote projects, actions and programs that respond to their true needs”.

The main service point will be located at the headquarters of the Fundación Canaria Insular para la Formación, el Empleo y Desarrollo Empresarial (Fifede), although it will be possible to go to the facilities of the associations of the gypsy people for the specific development of actions, as well as as well as the closest service points of the social entities that make up Barrios por el Empleo: Cáritas Diocesana de Tenerife, the Spanish Red Cross, the Don Bosco Salesianos Social Foundation, the General ULL Foundation and Sinpromi.

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