Sí Podemos, CC-PNC and PP request a commission of investigation of the Mediator case in the Cabildo de Tenerife

Sí Podemos Canarias, the Popular Party and the Canary Islands Coalition will present a joint proposal to create a commission of investigation on the Mediator Case in this institution at the plenary session of the Cabildo de Tenerife scheduled for this Friday.

The director of Sports of the Cabildo de Tenerife, Ángel Pérez, resigns

The director of Sports of the Cabildo de Tenerife, Ángel Pérez, resigns


The objective is to determine the nature of the relationships and activities of Ángel Luis Pérez Peña, former island director of Sports, with the alleged corrupt plot, as reported this Monday by Sí Podemos Canarias in a statement.

In the same way, it is intended to find out the relationship of Pérez Peña with other administrations, institutions, entities, companies and other positions and areas of the Cabildo and its president, Pedro Martín. The main opposition group, CC-PNC, has confirmed its support to launch this commission, according to its spokesperson, Verónica Meseguer, adds Sí Podemos Canarias, which indicates that the Nationalists and progressives are joined by the Popular Party, which that guarantees that this proposal goes ahead.

The insular spokesman for Sí Podemos Canarias, David Carballo, assures that with this initiative it is about “clarifying the political responsibilities that could weigh on the people who are involved”.

Carballo adds that the Cabildo “must carry out an exercise in absolute transparency and put on the table all the information it has so that the public knows to what extent the island institution is involved in the matter.”

It also states that the commission of inquiry should be “a useful tool to shed light on issues where there are serious doubts about their legality, but in no case should it replace the action of Justice.”

Sí Podemos Canarias reiterates its “zero tolerance” with corruption and adds that it has requested the creation of this commission in the Cabildo because “this institution is precisely kilometer zero of the Mediator case.”

The formation of the left recalls that its origin as a party comes precisely from “the fight against corruption and the need to raise carpets and open windows so that transparency is a maximum in all institutions.”

The creation of a commission of investigation is regulated by article 39.2 of the organic regulation of the Cabildo de Tenerife, according to which the commissions of investigation will prepare a work plan “and may appoint papers within their midst and require the presence, through the Presidency of the Plenary, of any person to be heard”.

The points on which the requested person must report must be communicated to him at least three days in advance, adds the aforementioned article, which quotes verbatim Yes We Can in its statement.

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