The councilor for Urban Planning of La Laguna refutes CC’s accusations about the response time to the public

Santiago Pérez, Councilor for Territorial Planning and director of the Urban Planning Management in La Laguna, has refuted the accusations of the Canary Islands Coalition candidate for mayor of the Tenerife City Council regarding the response time to citizens. Jonathan Domínguez accused the municipal area of ​​worsening the data regarding the previous government of his party without requesting the data in this regard. During a press conference to expose a balance of the last four years of management, Pérez offered the figures that showed how the processing times of the licenses have been reduced by more than half.

“I answer a candidate who walks around La Laguna messing around,” Pérez began his reply. “This candidate who is messing around could take advantage of the Socratic reflection that the recognition of ignorance is the origin of wisdom. But instead of that he dedicates himself to walking his ignorance along the Cibeles catwalk, to making an exhibition of ignorance. And in some cases of ignorance in matters that are totally incomprehensible. That a character who has been in the Corporation charging from the City Council in several legislatures does not know some of the things I am going to talk about ”.

Thus, Perez released a technical report in which it is reflected that at the beginning of the mandate the major work license files had an average of 419 days of processing, that is, from the opening of the file until its closure. Currently, that processing period has been reduced to 68 days. Regarding minor work licenses, in 2019 the files had an average duration of 190 days, which has currently been reduced to 94 days. In the same way, the prior binding consultations for the feasibility studies of a work have gone from 313 to 84 days.

In addition, Pérez also made reference to the average processing time for prior activity inquiries, which has been reduced from 75 to 31 days. The director of the Management clarified that these consultations “are no longer mandatory, because at present, when a business is going to be opened, prior communication is enough”, despite what was stated to the CC candidate.

“Once the prior communication has been made, the business promoter can open it immediately, and the Urban Planning Department will carry out verifications and only in the event that the prior communication does not coincide with the reality of the business in urban terms, it will act accordingly,” he said. .

Pérez also referred to the words of candidate González, who affirmed that the response time for innocuous activities had to be reduced: “The authorizations for innocuous activities have not existed for 13 years.”

General Management Plan

In his speech, Pérez also responded to the commitment announced by the CC candidate, who said that he would approve the General Planning Plan in a year and a half.

“It would be taken as a joke, if it were not a very serious matter, especially coming from those who were from 2007 to 2019 trying to carry out a PGO, unsuccessfully, which intended to carry out a new massive destruction of rustic land for agrarian protection,” Pérez recalled. .

The director of the Urban Planning Department assured that this project tried to “reclassify as new developable land more than 6 million square meters of rustic land for agrarian protection”, or what is the same, “600 soccer fields of new developable land at the cost of reclassifying not just any kind of rustic land, but rather rustic land for agrarian protection”.

As Pérez added, this meant “devastating the Vega de Aguerre and turning it into new pasture for the urbanization”, in addition to “turning La Laguna into the periphery of Santa Cruz through the road system and La Laguna is not the periphery of anything, La Laguna is a transcendental municipality in Tenerife and the Canary Islands”, assured Santiago Pérez.

On his balance during these four years, Pérez has declared that the current mandate “will appear in the annals of the history of La Laguna”, thanks to “a progressive government with a very high expectation of continuity” after the elections of May 28 .

“My mission, fundamentally, has been accomplished,” Pérez added, referring to the fact that he promised to “help, with the electoral support he could obtain, the political change so many times postponed and longed for by the citizens of La Laguna” and to “consolidate the current government and its mayor to the extent that I could be useful”. Thus, he considers that he believes “to have fulfilled it.” Regarding his future after the next elections, Pérez assured that he will be next to the mayor Luis Yeray Gutiérrez “for everything that is useful.”

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