Hernández says that the leisure project in the Palmetum in Santa Cruz de Tenerife demonstrates Bermudez’s “incompetence to manage”

The spokeswoman for the Socialist group in the City hall of Santa Cruz of Tenerife, Patricia Hernandezha accused this Thursday to the mayor, Jose Manuel Bermudez (CC), of “incompetence to manage”alluding to the preliminary project for a promenade in the vicinity of the palmetum.

José Manuel Bermúdez presented the aforementioned draft, called Tinglado, on Wednesday, something that, according to the spokesperson and candidate for Mayor, he has criticized because “you cannot continue lying in this way with repeated infographics that have not been executed since 2021.”

The draft would be intended as leisure area for the citizens of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and the Socialist group has indicated that the verbal agreement of the delivery of land by the Port Authority without written consent “is impossible to carry out the construction of said facilities”.

From the PSOE they have indicated that the request presented to Ports corresponds to two years ago and that, therefore, “it is not a recent management as they have wanted to believe from the Canary Coalition”.

The socialist formation has highlighted the “inability to present a project in two years of mandate, leaving the Port Authority waiting and without a response.”

Patricia Hernández has stated that “the current government reveals its incompetence to manage and expedite the necessary procedures to offer new services”, in addition, she has highlighted the official response of the Port Authority to the Urban Planning Management of the capital city, informing that the The land adjacent to the Palmetum belongs to the Maritime Park, therefore, “any action on said land requires a request for authorization from this entity.”

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