Metrotenerife opens a file against a tram driver for allegedly intentional delays

Metrotenerife, the Cabildo company and responsible for the tram service, has opened a disciplinary file against one of its drivers for allegedly causing intentional delays in the service, the company reported this Wednesday in a press release.

The company has explained that in view of the numerous complaints from customers who estimated that tram traffic was slowing down on certain days last February, it has analyzed and verified this information using various data recorded by the systems.

As a result of these analyses, according to Metrotenerife, it is found that these delays occurred during the driving shift of the same company employee. These facts that concern the employee in question could constitute disciplinary offenses classified as very serious in the company’s Collective Agreement, for which reason the corresponding disciplinary file has been opened against the aforementioned worker.

In this regard, it has been confirmed that, for at least three days in February of this year, there were continuous delays on Line 1 of the Tram, which gave rise to a blockage that gradually spread, affecting other trams in the system. Circulating at a slower speed than usual and prolonging the waiting time at stops considerably impacted the service provided to users of our public transport with these continued delays, the company points out.

According to Metrotenerife, these actions not only affect the service provided to the thousands of users who use the tram daily, by not complying with the schedules established for the service, but also create harm for the rest of the drivers, as well as for the central control post regulators.

In this sense, the company clarifies that, on the one hand, the drivers of other trams are blocked, delaying their rest and departure time when the service ends; on the other hand, the regulators have a significant workload, with serious difficulties to maintain the frequency of the system and cover the gaps without trams that occur during the day.

Although other cases are being analyzed from Metrotenerife, for now they have wanted to emphasize that it is an isolated situation. And he adds that most of the drivers have proven their professionalism and vocation for public service over the years, which cannot be tarnished by the particular performance of any person.

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