A dozen PP members denounce fraud in the primaries in Granadilla de Abona

Ten affiliates of the People’s Party have presented on March 1 a complaint in the courts of Abona granadilla against Marcos Antonio Rodriguez Santana by alleged fraud in the primaries to elect the president of the party in that municipality. Specifically, the militants ensure that “guarantees whose signatures are not authentic or recognized by those affected, the alleged signatories” were presented, according to the letter to which this newspaper has had access.

On October 15, 2022, the Assembly of the Popular Party in Granadilla de Abona proclaimed Marcos Antonio Rodríguez Santana, the only candidacy, as president “in an act that brought together more than a hundred affiliates and supporters,” according to the island formation. on his social networks, who wished him “many successes”.

Upon learning of the complaints of its affiliates, the PP of Tenerife annulled the result and appointed a manager in the municipality, but the complainants also criticize that members of the local committee elected, supposedly, fraudulently still continue in this new body.

Rodríguez Santana is a delegate councilor for General Services and the Environment in the City Council, which is governed by an agreement between the Canary Islands Coalition and the Popular Party. Asked by this newspaper, Rodríguez denies having knowledge or notification of any complaint. And regarding the situation of the party in Granadilla de Abona, he refers to the insular or regional leadership.

The PP still does not have a candidacy for mayor of the municipality ahead of the May 28 elections. The head of the list in the previous elections was Marcos González, who is the first deputy mayor for General Services, the Environment, Sports and Senior Citizens.

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