The Canarian Police investigates three minors for an alleged case of bullying in Tenerife

The Minors and Family Operational Unit of the General Corps of the Canary Islands Police (CGPC) has investigated three minors as alleged perpetrators, to varying degrees of authorship, of the crimes of injuries, threats and coercion in the school environment (bullying).

The actions originated as a result of an intervention by members of the Citizen Security Operational Unit of the same police force, when they were requested by a citizen to attend a fight in which minors were involved and in which several (at least three ) hit another.

Based on this action, the Minors Unit took charge of the investigation, in which it was found that the assaulted minor suffered from bullying since January of this year, which was finally denounced by the mother last On March 6, upon receiving this news that her 13-year-old son had been receiving threats and insults for three months from two brothers from the same high school as her son, plus a third from a different school.

This repeated situation of abuse began in the school environment, although it continued outside of it through social networks.

Investigators have managed to identify two minors related to these events, both 14 years old, as well as a third who, due to his young age, is not criminally liable (13 years).

The victim suffered from anxiety, he did not want to go to school, going from being a talkative, smiling child with good grades, to being a quiet, sad child with bad grades. He showed nervousness in class and was even expelled, provoking him not to go to the center.

The corresponding proceedings have been forwarded to the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Minors Section.

The Minors and Family Operational Unit is dedicated to prosecuting this type of incident. To do this, it has specialized agents who facilitate collaboration and provide help. necessary to the victims, not leaving any action pursued in this area unclear.

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