On Carnival Saturday, 127 people were treated in Tenerife

The Carnival Hospital of Santa Cruz de Tenerife treated 127 people this Saturday, of which 16 were minors, and in 60% of the cases it was due to alcohol poisoning.

The rest of the attendances were related to injuries and falls and there were 12 referrals to hospital centers for diagnostic tests or because these people required more specialized care.

In total there were nine attacks, eight cases of common illness unrelated to Carnival and 15 attendances for other causes.

In the preventive and health device there is also a resource for the youngest managed by the Spanish Red Cross, which works in coordination with the Local Police unit attached to the Minors’ Prosecutor’s Office.

This police group recorded and analyzed the data of 19 minors, 11 girls and 8 boys. Within this age group, 68% were treated for alcohol poisoning.

The Local Police detained two men due to a brawl that occurred in the area near the Plaza de El Chicharro, when several agents tried to facilitate the evacuation of a woman who required urgent health care.

Those arrested, identified as YGE and AADC, aged 28 and 32, staged a fight and came to injure several agents.

At the Punto Violeta, installed in the Hospital del Carnaval, the professionals assigned to said resource carried out three informative assessments, and responded to two technical consultations in response to the doubts raised by cases attended by the health workers of the device.

The security and emergency device, active since the celebration of the Rhythm and Harmony contest and the subsequent nightly dances, involved the mobilization of hundreds of professionals including police, firefighters, health workers and Civil Protection volunteers.

During the Rhythm and Harmony contest, 17 people needed assistance, in six cases due to exhaustion.

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