The PP confirms Ana Zurita as a candidate for the Mayor of La Laguna

Ana Zurita, deputy in Congress for Santa Cruz de Tenerife, will be the candidate of the Popular Party (PP) for Mayor of the municipality of La Laguna in the next municipal elections on May 28, as announced on Wednesday by the president of the party in Canarias, Manuel Dominguez.

During a press conference, the leader of the popular groups indicated that the experience acquired by Ana Zurita throughout her political career, in which she has held responsibilities at the local, insular and national levels, is “the best endorsement to ensure that the popular candidate can direct the reins of the municipality after the next electoral appointment ”.

The also candidate for the Presidency of the Government of the Canary Islands admitted that the Mayor’s Office of La Laguna “is not an easy place” and that it is necessary to “continue working hard to achieve the goal of governing again in one of the most important cities of the Archipelago” . “The municipality and its neighbors deserve a serious and responsible project for the future, which guarantees their development and the well-being of those who live and work in it,” he asserted.

In this sense, Manuel Domínguez showed his conviction that the popular candidate “will be the voice of the lagoons who are expectant, tired of the neglect of those who have had the responsibility of directing the reins of the municipality.” “The city is asking for a change of political course, an impulse, that only the PP, with Ana Zurita at the helm, can guarantee,” he affirmed.

Domínguez pointed out that his political formation wanted a candidate who would bring “experience, enthusiasm and strength, and who believed in La Laguna, and Ana Zurita is someone who meets all these conditions. She knows perfectly the needs of the City and the demands of her neighbors, and she is prepared to assume this enormous responsibility”.

On the other hand, Domínguez thanked the work and effort made by the popular team that Manolo Gómez has directed during the last four years in the Laguna City Council: “The PP and other political formations need many profiles such as that of Gómez, who has shown with You increase your availability, enthusiasm and dedication to sensibly defend a project that only seeks to be the vehicle to be able to work for and for the citizenry”.

Ana Zurita assured that it is a “great honor” to represent her city and lead the “transformation” that La Laguna needs, “with rigor, seriousness, work and efficiency; and always at the service of the lagoons, putting the interests of the citizens before partisan interests”.

The popular candidate affirmed that the city “has been in office for three terms with a flat electroencephalogram, a significant loss of leadership and a pressing abandonment in the metropolitan area that surrounds the Historic Center”, referring to the “constant neglect” suffered by areas such as La Punta, Bajamar, Valle Guerra, Tejina or Taco.

Zurita insisted that La Laguna “does not progress and lacks balance.” “Investments and unity must be recovered, so that there are no differences between the city center and the neighborhoods”, and he opted to carry out his general planning, which remains “in the drawer of pending issues since 2003” .

The popular candidate criticized that La Laguna has become a city “without opportunities” and “we must work conscientiously to reverse this situation, and be a benchmark in sports or culture; to value our University; so that access to housing is a reality, and for this we have more than 3 million square meters of developable land; and, of course, to put an end to the administrative bureaucracy that exists in the City Hall, where the procedures take forever; and for this, the PP of the Canary Islands is committed to La Laguna as a city to live in, where you can invest, revitalized and with projects”, concluded Zurita.

For his part, the president of the Popular Party of Tenerife and mayor of Santiago del Teide, Emilio Navarro, expressed his satisfaction at having candidates such as Manuel Domínguez, for the Presidency of the Government of the Canary Islands; Lope Afonso, to the Cabildo de Tenerife; Carlos Tarife, to the Mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife; and Ana Zurita to the City Council of La Laguna.

“It is a winning team, we are convinced of it,” said the insular president of the PP, alleging that this illusion that they maintain within the party “is extensible to the one that the majority of citizens are showing with our project for the municipalities , for the Island and the rest of the Canary Islands”, he concluded.

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