Strike on the Tenerife tram in full Carnival

The UGT Canarias union, through the Federation of Services, Mobility and Consumption (FeSMC), has announced on Wednesday the call for a strike of service workers trolley carattached to Metropolitano Tenerife, a company dependent on the Island Council of Tenerife.

Calendar of the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2023: all the contests and parties, in detail

Calendar of the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2023: all the contests and parties, in detail


The announcement, according to the organization, is due to the company’s repeated breach of the current agreement as well as the refusal to listen to the requests made by union representatives at the Negotiating Table of the Collective Agreement established on October 5, 2022.

The mobilizations will start in February, from the 17th to the 26th, coinciding with the key week of the celebration of the carnivals in Santa Cruz of Tenerife with the realization of stoppages during peak hours of the service, and will last until May, if an agreement is not reached, details UGT.

The works council says it regrets “having to go to this extreme, harming the users of a key service in the metropolitan area”, but the situation is considered by the representatives as “conflicting” and they see it necessary “to take action on the matter” to achieve a “fair response” to the labor collective.

In this way, the non-compliance by the company representatives to unilaterally suspend the negotiations that have begun is denounced, as well as not recording the requests made or sending the request for a meeting to the director responsible for said service.

Hitchhiking ascents

Likewise, the works council denounces the “promotion by finger” of staff members outside the current collective agreement and “obstructing” the fair internal promotion prior to the publication of said jobs.

In addition, it has been verified that there are payments of personal supplements to workers as well as the stabilization of personnel, both procedures outside the agreed labor framework.

Added to this is the “repeated non-compliance” with the occupational risk prevention measures, since the appropriate measures have not been taken in this matter after the last registered accident, and the obstruction of the work of the prevention departments, limiting their participation. in the Health and Safety Committee.

The works council has presented a total of 21 points, compliance with which it considers “vital” for the proper functioning of the service, as well as to guarantee the working conditions of the workforce.

Similarly, the workers’ representatives show their willingness to resume talks with the company.

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