Provisional prison for the alleged sexual offender of a woman in the Olimpo Building in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

A court in Santa Cruz de Tenerife has ordered a provisional prison without bail for the alleged perpetrator of a sexual assault committed against a woman in the Olympo building in the capital of Tenerife on January 4, according to sources from the Superior Court of Justice. of the Canary Islands

The judicial authority agreed in recent days to imprison this man as the alleged perpetrator of crimes of sexual assault, robbery with violence, injuries and threats in relation to the attack on a woman in the common areas of the Olimpo building, next to Plaza de la Candelaria, in the heart of the city.

Supposedly, the person investigated attacked a woman in the early morning of January 4 in the public use areas of the well-known building, causing her serious injuries both by sexually assaulting her and by inflicting blows on various parts of her body.

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