The Salvar La Tejita Platform assures that the paralyzed works of the hotel have been restarted taking advantage of Christmas

The platform save la tejita has denounced this Thursday that the Viqueira Group has resumed the works of hotel construction in the vicinity of the beach the tiledigging right at the limit where the stoppage order prohibits any activity.

The controversial construction of a hotel in La Tejita, in one minute

VIDEO | The controversial construction of a hotel in La Tejita, in one minute


According to the activists, “this contradicts the text of the stoppage order, which stipulates that a new project must be presented to compensate for the modification of the maritime protection easement.”

In addition, they indicate, the project license has been denounced and a trial date is pending.

They also point out that the second work by the same developer in this area, Sotavento Suites, “is also very irregular.”

Along these lines, they emphasize that in June 2022 the platform, alarmed by the absence of the mandatory building permit sign, formally requested information on the work that occupies 440 meters of easement, since it requires specific authorizations from the Coasts and the Government of the Canary Islands. .

“The City Council did not respond, so the Ombudsman was denounced, who requested the pertinent information from the administration and although the City Council responded to the Ombudsman more than a month ago, stating that it would present the documentation, until now it has not done so. done”, they criticize.

In addition to the action taken against the town hall by the Ombudsman, Salvar La Tejita is also preparing complaints against the mayor, José Domingo Regalado, and the Town Planning councilor, who are already charged by the Prosecutor’s Office for using public funds to build private structures in four private plots.

This is in addition to Salvar La Tejita’s complaint against the mayor for alleged crimes against the environment, which is now in the investigation phase in the Court of Granadilla.

Salvar La Tejita announces that it will continue to take legal action “against any construction or commercial activity that causes damage to the environment in the area and will use all available legal instruments and mechanisms to ensure that any politician, official, architect or businessman who tries to break the law face justice.”

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