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This Friday, January 5, the Ride from Kings 2023 will walk the streets of Santa Cruz of Tenerife. Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar will delight young and old, in a tour through the capital of Tenerife. The City Council has prepared a special plan for the celebration of this event, for which reason traffic cuts on the roads through which the Three Wise Men circulate and there will be a greater police presence and cleaning personnel.

What time does the Three Kings Parade 2023 start in Santa Cruz de Tenerife?

A total of twelve floats, two of them with live music, along with more than a thousand characters and extras will form part of a multicolored show, whose schedule It starts at 7:00 p.m. on Avenida de Bélgica. A total attendance of 60,000 spectators is expected.

What is your route?

First, the Three Wise Men will be received at the Heliodoro Rodríguez López Stadium at 5:00 p.m. Next, this act will give way to the traditional parade through the streets of the capital.

After leaving the avenue of Belgium, the tour It will run towards the Plaza de la República Dominicana, Avenida Asuncionistas, Ramón y Cajal, Galcerán and Plaza de Weyler, to continue, later, through Méndez Núñez, El Pilar and Villalba Hervás streets.

The journey will end in the Plaza de la Candelaria around 9:30 p.m., where the traditional act of adoration to the Child Jesus will take place in the nativity scene portal installed there.

In addition, the sectors where a greater number of people are concentrated will present a special fence, to which is added an area reserved for people with reduced mobility at the confluence of Méndez Núñez and Robayna streets; in addition to a silent section that will run on Méndez Núñez street, specifically between Numancia and El Pilar streets.

On which streets will there be traffic closures?

The City Council will carry out different traffic cuts in numerous roads from the city. These closures will begin at 3:00 p.m. with the closure of Avenida de Bélgica confluence with Comodoro Rolín, for the beginning of the infrastructure installation work and location of floats in the starting area of ​​the Parade.

At the same time, Avenida San Sebastián/Club Deportivo Tenerife will be closed to traffic at the height of Plaza de la República Dominicana and Heliodoro Rodríguez, López street at the height of Gilberto Cayol street.

An hour later, starting at 4:00 p.m., the stadium doors are scheduled to open for the reception of the Three Wise Men. However, from 3:45 p.m., doors 2 and 17 will be opened for the access of people with motor disabilities and visual disabilities, respectively.

At 5:00 p.m., while the event begins at the Heliodoro Rodríguez López, Avenida Reyes Católicos will be closed to traffic, at its confluence with Gilberto Cayol López street and up to Plaza de la Paz (only in the Teresitas direction) for the beginning of the installation works of diverse infrastructure for the Parade.

For 5:45 p.m., the closure of Avenida San Sebastián/Club Deportivo Tenerife is scheduled, as far as Avenida de La Salle, and those of this avenue at the height of the Galcerán bridge, including the accesses in the south direction, and later The rest of the roads along which the Parade runs will be ordered to close to traffic, allowing circulation on the crossroads of these roads until moments before reaching the head of the same or until the influx of people advises against it.

At 6:00 p.m., the extension of Ramón y Cajal street will be cut, in order to place the emergency fencing.

At 10:00 p.m., the traditional Adoration of the Magi is expected to end, in the Plaza de La Candelaria, and vehicle traffic fully restored.

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