The complaint for the transfer of patients from the Febles Campos Hospital has been definitively filed

The Provincial Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has definitively archived the legal case opened against the Institute of Social and Socio-sanitary Care (IASS), dependent on the Cabildo de Tenerife, for the transfer of patients from the Hospital Febles Campos, located in Santa Cruz , to the old seminary of La Laguna, converted into a residence. The Court has rejected the appeal filed by the Single Company Committee of the IASS and the union Assembly of Workers of the Canary Islands.

In the order, the Sixth Chamber of the Provincial Court considers “justified” the dismissal of the case agreed by the Investigating Court number 4 of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, since “there are no indications to consider the perpetration of a crime of prevarication, nor of embezzlement, influence peddling or prohibited negotiations”.

The insular councilor for Social Action and president of the IASS, Marián Franquet, has highlighted that this new order “confirms that the criminal complaint filed was a fallacy whose main victims have been and are the people residing in Febles Campos, who are the ones who already they should be able to be in a dignified place where they can be treated with the requirements they need”.

Marián Franquet has opined that the main objective of this lawsuit “was none other than to block what some could consider a political success by providing a solution to a problem that had been stuck for years.” He added that, despite this, they continue to work “to find a solution to respond to their situation and allow the patients of the Febles Campos hospital to be transferred to new, more adequate and modern facilities.”

With this order, a process initiated in 2021 is closed and that the Investigating Court number 4 of Santa Cruz de Tenerife agreed to provisionally file in June of this year by proving that there was no criminal indication. A month later, in July, the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Santa Cruz de Tenerife again agreed with the Cabildo de Tenerife and issued a letter in which it requested the dismissal of the appeal presented by the company committee of the IASS and Assembly of Workers of Canarias (ATC) against the order of the Investigating Court number 4 of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The Febles Campos hospital, which serves as a residence for the elderly, has more than 270 beds for high health requirements, according to the IASS website.

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