The Tierra de Oro hotel (Tenerife) reopens its doors as a residence for the elderly after five years closed

The gold land hotel is a well-known tourist establishment, located on the island of Tenerifewith four stars, located on a plot of 10,000 square meters that during the last five years has been closed. Now, this hotel accommodation open again their doors and will go on to have a new life as elderly residence.

Specifically, it is located in the municipality of The Realejos, in the residential area of ​​La Cartaya. It will have the capacity to accommodate 125 residents, of which 100 places will be residential and the other 25 will be day centers.

When is the Tierra de Oro hotel going to open as a residence for the elderly?

The opening is scheduled to be next month of december of 2022. The first forecasts set that the opening would be in 2021, but the pandemic has delayed the deadlines, currently setting the last month of this year in which the nursing home will open its facilities.

This project began in 2019 and is being carried out by the entities Gerontalia Ecoresidences, elekagua Y Services and Residential Management in the Canary Islands.

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